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Founded in April, 2006, Pleasant St. Press was dedicated to fostering a love of books and reading in even the youngest of audiences. Many of these books are still available on Amazon with review ratings of 4 and 5 stars.
For several years this was the Pleasant St. Press's website. There are new owners of this domain who have chosen to keep much of the site's archived content from 2007 - 2009 so for those visitors who end up here they might still learn of these wonderful children's books and track them down to read to their children.

Content is from the site's 2007 - 2009 archived pages.





As we prepared to enter the world of children's publishing we knew one thing for sure; we wanted to publish books that were written for, and loved by, children, and not just the adults reading to them.  As such, our goal at Pleasant St. Press became clear and simple: To publish high quality children's books that engage, delight and entertain.  Period!
Founded in April, 2006, Pleasant St. Press is dedicated to fostering a love of books and reading in even the youngest of audiences. We believe that by providing expertly written, beautifully illustrated books, we're helping children build a lifelong relationship with reading. It is our desire and passion to nurture that relationship and help it grow and flourish right along with the child.
Supporters of the Arts as members of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and The Institute of Contemporary Art, we believe art and its many creative forms promotes endless imagination.  Albert Einstein once said, "The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination."  We hope our books help encourage that imagination. 
It is with great excitement and dedication that we embark on this fulfilling and rewarding venture. We look forward to being of service to you and the little readers in your life.
Thank you and happy reading!
Alan and Jean Cochran


2007 NEWS

Our big news, of course, is the upcoming release of our first list!  We're so proud of our first four wonderful, fun and funny titles; perfect for the 2- to 8-year-old audience.
The much anticipated title Your Tummy's Talking has already received rave reviews from authors, doctors, and parents alike.  It tackles a hot topic in today's diet-crazed yet super-sized world, all while delivering an important message to children in a fun, light-hearted way.  Farmer Brown and His Little Red Truck, Off I Go! and When A Monkey Jumps Onto Your School Bus are three fun-filled books sure to delight children and adults alike.  Check the Browse Our Books section for more information on these titles.
We're thrilled to have worked with illustrators Daryl Enos, Lee Gullens, and Jennifer E. Morris, who brought our books to life with their amazing talent.  We thank them profusely.
Even as we prepare to introduce our first books to the world, we are already working hard with new authors and illustrators on our spring 2008 list!  Just as with our upcoming 2007 list, our 2008 list promises to provide the same high-quality writing, beautiful illustration, and entertaining stories for which Pleasant St. Press will become known.
Please join us for a delightful journey into the world of children's books




2009 NEWS

It’s hard to believe it’s been two years since we first opened our doors.  And what a busy and exciting two years it has been!
Since we announced our acceptance of unsolicited manuscripts over a year ago, we’ve watched what started out as a trickle of submissions turn into a steady flow, filling our oversized post office box each week.  Thank you to all the writers and illustrators who enthusiastically entrust us with your work.  We are honored to have the opportunity to review your submissions, and thank you for your patience as we attempt to respond in a timely manner.
We’re happy to announce we’re now working with distributor Independent Publishers Group (IPG) as well as with Baker & Taylor, our wholesaler.  Our first three titles, released just in time for the 2007 holiday season, will be available in bookstores nationwide this fall thanks to IPG taking them on post-release.
We have eight new titles scheduled for release in 2009.  Our new books contain an eclectic mixture of themes and genres, appealing to a myriad of tastes.  The common denominator, of course, is that they all exceed our requirement to engage, delight and entertain!  It’s been a pleasure to work with the amazing writers and illustrators who brought so much to the table as they breathed life into these stories.  Watching a manuscript turn into a full-fledged picture book, ready to be discovered, devoured and loved by children, is nothing short of pure joy.
Already we are hard at work developing new lists for 2010.  We’re excited to be enjoying the fruits of new talent, and take joy in the comfort of working with those familiar friends with whom we’ve already collaborated.
Finally, we would be remiss not to mention our spectacular book designer, Jill Ronsley of Sun Editing and Book Design (  Her talent, experience and guidance have been an immeasurable resource to Pleasant St. Press, and we feel privileged to be working with her.  
Thank you for stopping by the “News” section of our site.  Be sure to browse our books to see what’s up and coming at Pleasant St. Press.



From The Readers: Grace Sehell
Our local librarian is a fan of these authors and she has organized a number of clubs and reading groups focused on them. The gatherings are completely social in nature and many attend not having read the material discussed, but show up for the camaraderie. And our librarian/mc is a blast. She wears a ton of sterling silver jewelry in her ears, her nose, eye brows, and ears, but her most impressive feature is the gorgeous display of cz rings she wears on both hands, all the time. At least one sterling silver cz ring for every finger! And then there are the silver bracelets - a good 25 on her left arm alone. And while I may appear distracted by all this sterling silver metal, her book groups are fantastic learning experiences that make them very popular. The members are smart folks who enjoy the company of others to gather and share a group reading experience.





Shennen Bersani, Illustrator -My Sister, Alicia May

 Shennen’s love of art began at the age of four when her grandmother taught her how to draw juicy red apples.   She attended The Art Institute of Boston and later began working as a freelance illustrator.   Some of her past assignments include illustrating for Johnson & Johnson, judging art exhibits and participating as a sidewalk artist for The Discovery Channel’s Walking with Dinosaurs campaign.   Her teaching credits include Drawing from Dramatic Perspectives at the Norman Rockwell Museum, advanced photography and colored pencil classes and workshops.   Today, she enjoys traveling the country speaking to children about her career as an artist and illustrator.   Shennen has illustrated over a half dozen picture books and is the mother of four fabulous children.   She lives outside of Boston with her dog, cat and an aquarium of fish.  You may visit Shennen online at

by Nancy Tupper Ling (Author) / Shennen Bersani (Illustrator)

Based on the lives of two sisters, this story expresses the challenges and joys of growing up with a sibling who has special needs. In many ways, Rachel and Alicia are like any sisters, but Rachel knows her sister is very different and very special because she has Down syndrome. Though Rachel occasionally feels frustrations and resentment about having to help watch over her special sister, she most often feels love, acceptance, and pride for her. Exquisitely written with humor and compassion, this story focuses on the sisters' relationship and their respective places in the family.

Nancy Tupper Ling, Author - My Sister, Alicia May

 Nancy is a winner of the prestigious Writer's Digest Grand Prize and the Pat Parnell Poetry Award.  She draws her inspiration from the multicultural background of her family and the interwoven fabric of familial culture.  Her work has been published in Baby Blessings (Harmony Books, 2002).  She is the author of Laughter in My Tent: A Woman's Search for Family and is the founder of Fine Line Poets , an organization through which many workshops and readings are held.  She resides in Walpole, Massachusetts with her husband, Vincent, and their two daughters.  Read more about Nancy at .


Daryl Enos, Illustrator - Farmer Brown and His Little Red Truck

 Daryl has been drawing since he can remember.  After studying art atBoston Technical High School; the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; and Mass College of Art, Daryl joined the Navy.  He spent 15 years as an air traffic controller, all the while continuing to hone his art skills.  Eventually, he won an award for a comic strip he created for a base newspaper and changed his rate to illustrator draftsman.  Since then, Daryl has authored two children's books and designed numerous stickers for the Smilemakers Sticker Company.  He lives with his wife and two daughters in southeasternMassachusetts.  You can learn more about Daryl at

by Jean M. Cochran / Daryl Enos (Illustrator)

Farmer Brown sets out on a journey in his little red truck, picking up animal after animal—adding them one by one. The rollicking rhythm and rhyme of this great read-aloud keep the story humming along as the farmer picks up all of the farm animals and the animals who are roaming the countryside. Everything is all great fun, but when the frogs jump on the little red truck, everyone gets stuck in the muck. Children of all ages will be enchanted to find out how Farmer Brown and the animals get back on the road.


  Lee Gullens, Illustrator - Off I Go! and Your Tummy's Talking

 Art has been a serious hobby for Lee since her childhood.  But after graduating college with a bachelor of science degree, she followed her academic path into corporate America.  These days, the self-proclaimed "corporate refugee" follows her heart and has made a business out of her lifelong passion for art.  Today she spends much of her time illustrating, painting murals and teaching children's art classes near her home.  Lee lives near Boston with her husband, two daughters, two cats, one golden retriever and a fish named Blackie.  You can visit Lee on-line at

"Hats up high. Boots down low. Zip my jacket, off I go!" So begins the rhythmic verse of this imaginative book. The full-circle story, which touches on a mother's love and quality time alone with Mommy, follows a little girl as she takes a walk from home back into her mother's loving arms. With simple, lyrical verse that helps children learn to read, this storytime book captures the beauty and majesty of autumn.

YOUR TUMMY'S TALKING 8 x 10, 32 pgs - Hardcover
Jean M. Cochran
Illustrated by Lee Gullens

This wonderful concept book about attuned eating has already received rave reviews! Through lyrical verse, this beautifully illustrated picture book introduces young children to the idea of listening to their tummies when it comes to food, hunger and satiety.

"Love it, love it, love it!  Used early and often, this book could halt childhood obesity in one generation." Jessica Setnick, MS, RD/LD, Pediatric Feeding Expert and Author of The Eating Disorders Clinical Pocket Guide
"Wonderful!  I love it!  Excellent source for children to get in touch with their hunger...I highly recommend it to any mother and child to teach their child good eating habits." - Candice Porter, PhD. speacializing in eating disorders
"I love flows beautifully and sends a great message!" - three-time author Ellen Frankel, LCSW

Boots Hensel, Author - The Zoopendous Surprise

Writing was part of Boots' life since her earliest recollection, as evidenced by her winning her first writing contest in her Brownie Troop when she was 8.  After that, she continued her early writing career through college, but evenutally graduated with a degree in nursing.  After retiring from nursing, she started her own business in creative faux painting and murals.  It wasn't until her youngest daughter died from cancer a few years ago that she felt the need to write a story about her daughter's "girls," the real Mary and Ellen.  Her daughter was the inspiration for her first children's picture book, The Zoopendous Surprise .  This endeavor has rekindled Boots' love of writing and brought her full circle.  She lives in Florida with her husband and her own zoo; two dogs, two cats and a crazy cockatiel.  She feels blessed to have her oldest daughter, son-in-law, and three grandchildren living close by.  Visit and learn more about Boots at  

by Boots Hensel (Author)/ Andrea Gabriel (Illustrator)

Based on real events, this enchanting tale tells the story of two elephants who live at the Little Rock Zoo in Arkansas. Ellen is an elephant who has lived almost her whole life in the zoo while her roommate, Mary, used to work for the circus. Little do these two know that their zookeeper has planned a surprise for them and has let all of the other zoo animals in on it. The story builds suspense as the elephants try to find out what is the big surprise. Finally it's revealed - it's a birthday party Ellen and Mary!

Anne Jewett, Illustrator - The Warmest Place of All

Creativity was Anne's closest childhood companion.  As an adult, she enjoys illustrating for children because it brings together everything she loves: art, storytelling and making memories.  Continuous exploration of her craft lends a fresh, dynamic appreal to her work.  She is also a picture book writer, and an active member of the Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators.  Anne studied illustration at the Columbus College of Art & Design.  She lives in Central Florida with her husband, two children, and a studio cat named Mel.  Meet Mel and see more of Anne's work at .

by Licia Rando (Author)/ Anne Jewett (Illustrator)

A day of winter fun in the snow comes to an end when Sophie’s mother calls her to come inside. Sophie wants to find the perfect place that will make her feel toasty warm, but no matter where her mother suggests, the chill of winter creeps back into her bones. From the kitchen with a hot cup of cocoa to her cozy bed, Sophie just cannot seem to find the warmest place. Packed with similes, this delightful tale concludes with the discovery that true warmth and comfort is found in the abundance of family love.

Licia Rando, Author - The Warmest Place of All

 As a former elementary school teacher with a master of education degree, Licia has always enjoyed teaching, reading to, and especially laughing with children.  As such, it only seems fitting that she eventually directed her efforts toward writing for children with the hope of touching as many young lives as possible.  In addition to writing, Licia volunteers her time in a homeless shelter and a domestic abuse shelter where she loves to play with, teach, and read to the children.  She is on the Executive Committee of the Spiritual Alliance to Stop Intimate Violence (SAIV), an organization whose council members include such notable figures as Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Jane Goodall, and Raffi.  Currently, Licia lives on a quiet street outside ofBoston, Massachusetts with her husband, three daughters, and her dog,Charlotte.  You can learn more about Licia at


Jennifer E. Morris, Illustrator If A Monkey Jumps Onto Your School Busand On A Dark, Dark Night

Jennifer is an award-winning designer and illustrator.  She has held many jobs over the years including grocery store clerk, cook's assistant, and computer programmer, but getting paid to draw monkeys and elephants is by far the coolest job she's ever had.  She has a graduate degree in computer science and spent seven years working as a Unix programmer, so it only seems fitting that the computer is her artistic medium of choice.  Her fun, colorful illustrations can be seen everywhere from children's publications to Mylar birthday baloons.  Jennifer lives in the hills of central Massachusettswith her husband, two children, one cat, two goldfish, and a sizeable schoolof Sea Monkeys.  You can read more about Jennifer at

by Jean M. Cochran (Author) / Jennifer E. Morris (Illustrator)

What do you do if a monkey jumps onto your school bus . . . or a hippo shows up for breakfast . . . or an elephant wants to run the bases at your ball game? Find out in this hilarious guide on what to do if the animals escape from your local zoo. Gorgeous eyecatching illustrations from award winning illustrator Jennifer E. Morris compliment the rhythmic text.

Editorial Reviews /

This book is published by Pleasant Street Press, a new small press publishing children's books whose first books were released in December. I wanted to point this out, because I think it is so important that we start looking beyond the large publishers for quality books. This book is structured as a guide book for what you should do if the animals break out of the local zoo and start heading your way. And what should you do? If a hippo appears offer her pancakes and tea. Let the lion drive the carpool. And just get out of the elephant's way as he rounds the bases. The book is filled with humor and situations that children will enjoy. The juxtaposition of zoo animals and their everyday routines will get children engaged and laughing along. To add to the fun, try to spot the monkey on each page. Cochran's jaunty rhymes contribute to the spirit of fun and move the book along at a romping pace. Morris' art is vivacious, colorful and very child-friendly. The docile animals add to the fun without creating any worry at all for children, even the grinning alligator is friendly. Share this one for storytimes on any zoo animal, but especially monkeys. The rhyming is fun to read aloud and the illustrations will project well to a group. --Tasha Saecker - Kids Lit


Philomena O'Neill, Illustrator - Little Shrew Caboose

Philomena O'Neill has been illustrating educational material, books, magazines and trade books for children for 17 years.  She is often hired for her ability to portray children of all ages and races and animals of all kinds with character and gentle humor.  She loves walking, going to the beach, gardening, reading and her illustration work.  Philomena was born in Irelandbut grew up in West Africa and Canada.  Currently, she lives in Seattle, WA, is married and has four grown children.  Philomena took classes at the Ontario College of Art and has been drawing and painting all her life.  Visit and learn more about Philomena at

by Tina Stolberg (Author)/ Philomena O'Neill (Illustrator)

The smallest of the shrew family, Little Caboose, wishes he were the "engine" in his family's traveling order so that he could lead his brothers and sisters as they follow Mama through the shady forest. When he meets a new friend, he playfully chases him into a clearing. Suddenly, he finds himself lost and alone. As night settles around him and the dangers of the forest close in, Little Shrew Caboose learns that he must be brave if he is to find his way back hom

Tina StolbergAuthor – Little Shrew Caboose

 Tina has lived and worked in many places, but her love of writing follows her wherever she goes.   After graduating with a degree in advertising from theUniversity of Florida , Tina worked as a booking agent for Wilhelmina Models in New York City  and later moved to California where she worked as a copywriter.  Her favorite job by far is motherhood, and it’s what inspired her to write for children.  Her first book Moving Day Surprise (Bebop Books) was an emergent reader; Little Shrew Caboose  is her first picture book.  Tina lives in San Rafael , California ,  and, along with her writing, works as a library specialist for a middle school and as an extra-hire for county libraries.  In her free time, she loves to travel to tropical beaches, go canoeing, ice-skate and watch movies.  To learn more about Tina, please visit her at .


Gary PhilipsIllustrator - New Old Shoes

 Gary Philips has been a freelance illustrator for 24 years.  His early years were spent in the Midwest, before his family moved from Martinsville, IN toLansdale, PA.  After graduating from Kutztown University with a BFA in Communication Design he worked briefly as an art director before branching out on his own.  He continues honing is artistic skills by studying classical figure drawing, as well as working with plein air landscape painting; selling them to private and corporate collectors throughout the country.  Garyillustrates for numerous clients in advertising, editorial and children's illustration markets.  He received the award for "Verse Page Illustrator of the Year" from Highlights magazine in 2003, and several other awards from Highlights over the years.  Gary has many books to his credit, most notably "86 Years, The Legend of the Boston Red Sox" which was voted best cover by attendees at the 2006 New England Book Show.  His alma mater invited him back as an adjunct professor where he taught classes in illustration and creative thinking.  He loves hiking, being out in nature and drawing wherever he goes.  Gary lives in Green Lane, PA with his wife, two daughters, and two Siamese cats.  You can read more about Gary at 

by Charlotte Blessing / illustrated by Gary R. Phillips

Told from the point of view of a pair of red sneakers, this tale fleshes out the journeys of the countless shoes that have traveled the globe through the Soles4Souls program. A little boy is the first owner, sliding his feet into the shoes each day. But when his puppy rips the side slightly, the shoes are boxed up and shipped to Africa. Along with a mountain of footwear from all corners of the world, the sneakers are spiffed up and await their next owner: a little boy who kicks a soccer ball made of plastic bags. A little girl wears them next; without them she could not attend school. The text and illustrations work well together to portray the stark contrast between First- and Third-World countries. Phillips’s jewel-toned artwork, for the most part, closely zooms in on the sneakers, allowing readers to see just enough background to portray the setting. A final note from Wayne Elsey describes the Soles4Souls program.


Debra WainwrightAuthor & Illustrator – That Kind of Dog

 Accompanied by three terriers (one in angel form) and a cast of chatty picture book characters, Deb writes, illustrates and dreams in Little House Studios.   With an MFA in Writing for Children from Vermont College  and a BFA in Illustration from Mass College of Art, Deb has been illustrating professionally for 20 years.   Her clients have included Rigby Publishing, Rosen Publishing, McGraw Hill, Rutgers University Press and Simon & Schuster, just to name a few.   She has won numerous awards for her silverpoint art, taught classes in drawing and greeting card design and facilitated life-drawing workshops.   Free time finds her at a potter’s co-op throwing clay vessels on a wheel as well as sculpting.   Little House Studios is nestled near Deb’s home in Massachusetts , which she shares with her husband, daughter, dogs and a Blue-crowned Conure with a passion for pizzellas .  Read more about Debra at

Mary Constance McAllister has a little dog and a big problem: the annual neighborhood dog parade is just a few days away, and her dog, Bramble, refuses to walk with her! Mary knows that sometimes having a pet can be a lot of work, and she tries every trick in the book to persuade Bramble to budge, but he just won't walk. With a lot of love, even more determination, and a little imagination, Mary learns that almost anything is possible.



ANNOUNCEMENT – January 20, 2009: Pleasant St. Press is placing a moratorium on unsolicited manuscript submissions until further notice.